In order to target the first signs of ageing and fatigue, the Sanoflore Laboratory created Reines: its certified organic skin-perfecting skincare range.

At the heart of this unique formula is Royal Jelly – a natural ingredient that delivers a true reserve of energy that allows the skin to renew itself.

The royal jelly selected by Sanoflore is proven in vitro tests to powerfully protect the skin, equivalent to that of glycolic acid, and have powerful

antioxidant activity comparable to that of Vitamin C.

Sanoflore’s botany experts source its Organic Rosa Damascena from the heart of the Rose Valley. This extraordinary flower boosts the look of radiance and freshness, while quenching the skin’s thirst. Each bloom is hand-picked at sunrise and immediately distilled to guarantee its incomparable wealth of active molecules. These give rise to a precious hydrosol (floral water) that is at the heart of each product within the Rosa Angelica range. Sanoflore Research has scientifically proven the benefits of this powerful hydrosol: demonstrating proven enhanced freshness and clarity of the complexion (in vivo), the reinforcement of the barrier function (in vitro), its antioxidant power equivalent to that of vitamin C reference molecule (in vitro), and as a skin calmer (Capsaicin clinical test).

The Magnifica range is designed to reveal brighter, clearer skin through its calming and soothing formula of organically farmed Peppermint essential oil and hydrosol (floral water). When combined with a unique complex of nine organic essential oils, this powerful complex shows antibacterial efficacy*. and that the skin is cleared of blemishes, pores are tightened and radiance revealed. *In vitro tests

The Aciana Botanica cleansing range features Organic Centaurea Cyanus Cornflower: a natural ingredient known for its powerful soothing and decongesting benefits grown at the heart of the Vercors region. Far from any pollution, this flower is picked at first light, drawing all of its riches from the mineral-infused chalky soils. Sanoflore laboratories has demonstrated the soothing and decongesting benefits of this powerful hydrosol, with in vitro tests proving that it protects from free radicals, strengthens the skin’s barrier function, and limits irritation reactions, revealing beautiful bare skin beyond cleansing .