Our Organic Certificates

Organic skincare demystified

Sanoflore’s commitment to sustainable beauty

Sanoflore is organically certified by Ecocert, sustainably harvested, and mindfully formulated. Our beautiful, sensory textures and 100% natural-origin fragrances are not only luxurious but suitable for sensitive skin. Offering an organic guarantee and ingredients sourced from a protected environment, our botanical plants are cultivated according to the principles of organic farming, sourcing wherever possible from the Vercors Regional Natural Park and Drôme, one of Europe's best protected regions where the ground and air are pure and uncontaminated.

What does Certified Organic actually mean?

In order for a cosmetics product to be certified as organic, such as Sanoflore, it must adhere to strict guidelines. For example, 95% of the total ingredients must come from a natural origin, and 95% of all plant-based ingredients should be organic. When looking at the proportion of organic from total ingredients, this must be a minimum of 10% - the reason for this difference is because some ingredients (such as water and minerals) are not allowed to be classified as organic because they have not been farmed. It should also be formulated without harmful chemicals such as GMO, parabens, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicon, and animal-derived ingredients - unless naturally produced by them such as milk and honey. Ingredients must also be derived from renewable resources that are manufactured by environmentally friendly processes, including the packaging, and waste management employed by the factories it is made within.

The importance of organic and natural certification

  • Sanoflore
  • Sanoflore has been accredited with ECOCERT organic certification - an international standard for organic cosmetics, ensuring the brand adheres to mainstream global guidelines for organic health and beauty. ECOCERT was the very first certification body to develop standards for ‘natural and organic cosmetics’ and currently supports and guides more than 1,000 companies through their certification processes in the UK and EU. You can find the ECOCERT stamp on the packaging of each Sanoflore product, as well as other certified organic cosmetics.

Different types of natural

Confused by the term natural? A truly natural product should be formulated with a high proportion of ingredients considered natural or organic, while naturally inspired products contain some natural ingredients but only a small proportion. They may also contain synthetic ingredients that are only inspired by nature, rather than being natural. For a product to be Certified Organic, such as Sanoflore, and be awarded a badge such as ECOCERT, it must adhere to a strict set of guidelines, and contain a high proportion of natural or organic ingredients.


Organic cosmetics are not just kinder to the skin, but also ensure the environment and land they are sourced from is treated sustainably. Sanoflore products, for example, use botanical plants that are cultivated according to the principles of organic farming, sourced wherever possible from the pure and uncontaminated ground of the Vercors Regional Natural Park and Drôme.

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