Our Experts

Our Experts: The Enthusiastic Artisans Behind Sanoflore

Our formulas are created locally by a team of artisans who have passion and respect for both people and the environment, including an in-house nose. It’s this expert team that cultivates and extracts the most efficacious natural ingredients, transforming them into high-performance complexes of essential oils and organic floral waters.


Helene Mercat

Our Vercors Botanist

Hélène Mercat is responsible for sourcing new plants to use within Sanoflore products. After an important observation phase in the field, she works side by side with an in-house biologist to identify the most promising plants. Water-steam distillation, essential oils and hydrosols are analysed by state-of-the-art measurement instruments to reveal the active components within them.

Hélène Mercat

Claire Pelé


Claire Pelé is responsible for the clinical In Vitro and In Vivo tests that compare the efficacy of each Sanoflore ingredient against leading dermatological formulas. These extensive tests focus on effectiveness, tolerance and sensory appeal, while upholding the scientific standards of modern dermatological cosmetics. We submit our ingredients and active complexes to in vitro and in vivo clinical tests, and sensory analyses to evaluate their effectiveness and sensitivity. We also evaluate the efficacy and tolerance of our formulas under dermatological control on large panels of women.

Claire Pelé

Maïlis Richard


With sensory textures and delicate natural fragrances, every application of a Sanoflore product is a chance to reconnect with nature. We believe that truly holistic skincare should not be bland or based on harsh synthetic fragrances. Our 100% natural-origin signature scents are carefully formulated by our Nose Maïlis Richard, a perfume expert specialising in natural scents, using a palette of just 300 notes. Each formula captures the essence of fresh, powerful, and organic ingredients.

Maïlis Richard

Andre Hyvrier


Sanoflore is sustainably developed in the beautiful Vercors, with passion, authenticity, and respect for both people and the environment. We pride ourselves on our organic farming, organic formulations, ecological distillation processes and a focus on local farming and agricultural solidarity. Organic farming expert André Hyvrier is the man behind Sanoflore’s biological botanical garden and production site. An agricultural engineer, he has succeeded in gaining local farmers' trust and has supplied the laboratory with biological raw materials such as essential oils, and floral waters since the very early days of Sanoflore.

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