Our Birthplace: The Vercors


Exceptional Land

The secret to Sanoflore’s nutrient-rich organic ingredients is the exceptional land they are sourced from. Straddling the French regions of Isère and Drôme, the mountains of Vercors Massif enjoy exceptional climatic conditions that create unique biodiversity and plants rich in active molecules and antioxidants. This region has practised organic farming since the 1970s and has been free from pesticides for more than 45 years. The land is known for its purity, leaving nature to express the full extent of its powers. Drôme is now home to France's largest controlled organic area.

Powerful Nature

Showcased by men with a passion

The Sanoflore story began in 1972 in Gigors-et-Lozeron at the heart of Vercors in Provençal Drôme. Far from any pollution, it’s on this protected land that a group of organic farmers set up a botanical garden – a place where the aromatic and medicinal plants used for centuries by apothecaries flourish. This was followed by an experimental farm, and later a distillery built using traditional methods, that respected the incredible natural setting.

The Botanical Garden

Our Research Centre

Based at the heart of the Vercors Regional Natural Park, the Sanoflore Botanical Garden contains a living collection of 350 aromatic and medicinal plants. In the adjoining laboratory, our researchers observe, analyse and select the most promising plants and flowers to understand their exceptional properties.

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